Depending on how you urgently need money then, you can get emergency cash from the payday loans or from the bank. This is likely your best bet especially if you have no assets, you can get cash loans of smaller amounts. It is specially designed to provide financial assistance to people who trapped in financial discrepancy. It is a short term loans and do not require any surety. To be able to avail this certain loans you must submit your verified bank account number and your proof of employment to the lenders like your bank statement of account of at least three months. The good thing about these are that you can still avail the loans even you have bad credits history, however having a good credit history may allow you to get loans at lower charges and interest rates.

If you are tired of doing paper works and complying all the documents but want an instant money, then online cash loans can be another option that would help you a lot since it is the fastest way of getting loans and only requires your personal and bank account details. In the event that the application is approved the borrowed amount will be deposited on the next business banking day.